Treatment Technologies & Insights, Inc (TTI) Launches Free New Health App Putting Artificial Intelligence In The Hands Of Chronic Illness Patients


— 175+ Chronic Conditions, 100+ Countries, in Spanish, English, German, French, and coming soon in Arabic —

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Wave App is now available for FREE on all mobile iPhone and Android platforms, as well as some wearable devices and tablets, for people with chronic illness or conditions to take control of their health and manage daily treatment. Wave App makes it easy to track and record important activities like symptoms and side effects, medications, sleep, and physical activity, while also allowing users to share health updates with their doctors, family members or care providers. Wave App launches with a unique feature called “My Insights”, an Artificial Intelligence analysis system that provides personalized insights on how certain actions and encounters are related to each patient’s overall wellbeing (condition, symptoms, and mood) as they go through treatment. Users can track 20+ important activities during treatment and generate their own “My Insights” (based on their own activity and experience data) and will also be shown Global Insights (based on users with similar demographic and diagnosis profiles) that are updated every day. The health app was designed for patients fighting 175+ chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, addiction, depression or mental illness.

“We initially launched chemoWave and our company (TTI) to focus on the needs of cancer patients, but quickly realized similar needs across so many conditions that could benefit from personalized, data-driven insights. Every patient is unique, but too often treatments are standardized. Our patient tools and backend technology address this problem because the reality is a lot can be done to alleviate side-effects and manage how a patient feels while going through treatment. Patients don’t have to feel overwhelmed by symptoms and side effects. Things like nausea, constipation, fatigue, hair loss, loss of appetite, depression and much more can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated altogether while fighting chronic illness. Wave app lets patients not only track their treatment experience, but goes further to help patients interpret patterns and discover personal insights – to optimize their own personal treatment experience. Wave App is a virtual advocate enabling patients to do everything in their power to feel better. The tool also aggregates important patient insights to impact future care and innovation efforts.”

Wave App is developed and managed by TTI, Inc., also the creators of chemoWave, a mobile app for cancer patients to manage treatment, which was launched two years ago, a few weeks after a report on a clinical trial announced at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), showing increased survival rates among metastatic cancer patients who tracked and shared their treatment experiences digitally with care providers. chemoWave is also now available in Spanish, German, and French as well as on Apple Watch and other wearables.

TTI, Inc. is a digital health company creating patient-centered mobile apps, along with corresponding physician care portals and research databases. Tapping into the power of patient reported outcomes (PROs) to drive increased patient involvement and monitoring, TTI’s technology captures and operationalizes PROs to dramatically impact healthcare.

Check out more about the personal story that led to the creation of TTI, Inc and chemoWave in the American Journal of Managed Care.

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